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It's hard to find a more effective a way to connect with the natural environment than sailing. Sailing may well be the ultimate way to be reminded of the interconnection between ourselves and this planet. Imbedded in the teeth of a gale, feeling nature's power, while knowing that your survival depends on the engineering capabilities of the human mind brings our relationship to nature into clear focus. Our ability to mold and assemble materials in a complex pattern to withstand and harness the forces of nature exemplifies how we can choose to apply technology in our lives.

Under sail we become intimate with the elements and yet are not intimidated by them. Empowered by the wind, warmed by the sun, refreshed by the rain we become aware of the elements that sustain life on this planet.


Where else would you voluntarily stand at attention for hours while the rain is pelting your face? Where else can you harness the power of wind to propel you into the future? Where else can you be exposed to the life giving force of the sea while bringing along some of the comforts of home?

Alas all this comes with an environmental cost. At SailShare we are not blind to the carbon footprint that is left by the production of a fiberglass hull, a lead keel, a wooden interior, not to mention the diesel engine and all it contains. There is also the bottom paint and other maintenance tasks that every boat needs to stay viable. All these environmental costs are incurred whether the yacht is used three weeks a month or three weeks a year.

By sailing with us, instead of owning your own boat, you are reducing these environmental impacts. And by experiencing first hand the beauty of our ocean you become more aware of the need to preserve and protect it. Soak in the tranquility of the sea or engage us in spirited conversation about sustainability. Either way your time on the water will reconnect you with the very fabric of life.